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Nick Berken & Jacob McKeever Are Green Bay Open Champions

The 4th Annual Green Bay Open was held on October 23 at the Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley.

Nick Berken was crowned champion in the Scratch Division while Jacob McKeever took home the title in the Handicap Division.

Scratch Division Highlights

Round 1 of Qualifying saw 300s by Jake Ziebarth (Game 1) and Emmanual McPherson (Game 3).  Ken Kempf led the first 3 games of qualifying with an 801 series (247-265-289).

After Round 1 (3 Games) - the field was cut to 16 bowlers.  It took a 652 to make the cut.  The remaining 16 bowlers bowled 2 additional games in the cashers round.  After 5 games, Ken Kempf continued to lead with a 1259 total.  The field was then cut to 6 bowlers, which took an 1123.

The remaining 6 bowlers were placed in 2 groups of 3 for the eliminator finals.  Pair 1 included Ken Kempf (1259), Matt Heesaker (1144) and Tyler McNutt (1123). Pair 2 featured Jake Ziebarth (1175), Emmanuel McPherson (1152), and Nick Berken (1125).  The bowlers bowled 1 game, with the low bowler eliminated after each game.  

After the first round of eliminations, Jake Ziebarth (218) and Matt Heesaker (219) were eliminated.  The second round took out Tyler McNutt (260) and Emmanuel McPherson (193).  This left Ken Kempf and Nick Berken to compete for the championship.  In that final match, Nick Berken defeated Ken Kempf 228 to 193.


Handicap Division Highlights

Round 1 of qualifying was led by Jacob McKeever (694).  The field was then cut to the top 6 bowlers who advanced to the cashers round for 2 additional games.

After the casher's round, Jacob McKeever held his lead (1126) and was joined by Travis Skinkis (1053) and Eric Verhagen (1050) who also advanced to join McKeever in the eliminator finals.

After the 1st game of elimination Eric Verhagen was eliminated with a 187.

McKeever and Skinkis competed for the championship where McKeever defeated Skinkis 224 to 201.


Team Tournament Standings

Qualifying has started for the 2017-2018 Team Championships.

Attempt to qualify during regular league play to earn a spot in the 64 Team Final Bracket.

Qualifying runs through January 15th.

So far 1 team has attempted to qualify from Willow Creek Lanes, and 15 teams from The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley.

2 teams from each center will make the finals, with the rest of the spots being award to wild cards based on center participation.


Other center results will be posted as more teams attempt to qualify.

Top 64/32 Results

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley held their annual Top 64/32 on Monday May 1st.  Check out the results below:

Mens Quarterfinals: Reggie Doxtater 470 def Dave Janssen 363; Kevin Weiss 423 def. Doug Follett 392; John Schermitzler 440 def. Steve March 320; Justin Doxtater 430 def. Tanner Jepsen 428; Scott Weber 509 def. Jake Ziebarth 367; Todd Mielke 447 def. Matt Morgan 423; Jeff Orvis 398 def. Jamie Phillips 385; Matt Heesaker 482 def. Brett Simons 331.

Mens Semifinals (1): Todd Mielke 390, def. Jeff Orvis 367; John Schermitzler 366 def. Justin Doxtater 327; Scott Weber 473 def. Matt Heesaker 392; Reggie Doxtater 378 def. Kevin Weiss 362.

Mens Semifinals (2): Scott Weber 452 def. Reggie Doxtater 370; John Schermetzler 415 def. Todd Mielke 364

Mens Finals: Scott Weber (279, 214 - 493) def. John Schermetzler (171, 244 - 415).  Weber claims his second Top 64 title.

Womens Quarterfinals: Kim Felton 437 def. Caitlyn Polarek 418; Wendy LaFave 374 def. Jordan Shafel 358; Rita Bostedt 416 def. Brianna Cubito 343; Kelli Lemmen 357 def. Beth Polomis 354.

Womens Semifinals: Rita Bostedt 405 def. Kelli Lemmen 386; Wendy LaFave 371 def. Kim Felton 301.

Womens Finals: Rita Bostedt 351 def. Wendy LaFave 276.  Bostedt claims her 3rd Top 32 Title.