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2024 Green Bay Area USBC Queens: Erin Kent Claims Victory in Thrilling Championship Match

The 2024 Green Bay Area USBC Queens was a thrilling and competitive event that brought together 39 talented bowlers at Village Lanes in Green Bay on Sunday, February 4th. With challenging lane conditions and fierce competition, the tournament showcased the skill and determination of these remarkable athletes.

After four intense games of qualifying, the stage was set for the exciting match play rounds. Let's take a look at how the tournament unfolded:

Qualifying Results:

  1. Morgan Stary: 909
  2. Briana Cubito: 878
  3. Kim Hoffmann: 846
  4. Michelle Moens: 846
  5. Carrie Garcia: 829
  6. Valerie Verheyen: 821
  7. Madison Adams: 815
  8. Brooklyn Eisner: 799
  9. Beth Polomis: 794
  10. Katlyn Tappy
  11. Erin Kent: 778
  12. Brianna Lavery: 755

In the Match Play Round 1, the competition intensified as bowlers went head-to-head in single matches:

  • Brooklyn Eisner (199) def. Beth Polomis (180)
  • Carrie Garcia (211) def. Brianna Lavery (206)
  • Madison Adams (211) def. Katlyn Tappy (170)
  • Erin Kent (238) def. Valerie Verheyen (196)

The competition remained fierce in Match Play Round 2:

  • Brooklyn Eisner (192) narrowly edged out top qualifier Morgan Stary (189)
  • Carrie Garcia (230) dominated Michelle Moens (164)
  • Madison Adams (215) defeated Briana Cubito (194)
  • Erin Kent (279) displayed a remarkable performance against Kim Hoffmann (152)

As the tournament progressed, the field narrowed down to the semifinals:

  • Carrie Garcia (216) continued her impressive run by defeating Brooklyn Eisner (141)
  • Erin Kent (223) secured her spot in the championship match with a win over Madison Adams (182)

The grand finale featured a showdown between two formidable competitors, Erin Kent and Carrie Garcia, in the Championship Match. It was a moment of true excellence as Erin Kent delivered a stunning performance, scoring 279 to claim victory over Garcia's 190.

Erin Kent's exceptional skills and determination were on full display as she emerged as the champion of the 2024 Green Bay Area USBC Queens, proving that hard work and dedication can lead to triumphant moments in the world of bowling.

Congratulations to all the bowlers who participated in this challenging and exciting tournament, and a special salute to Erin Kent for her outstanding achievement in claiming the title of 2024 Green Bay Area USBC Queens champion!

Scott Weber Clinches 6th Masters Title in Thrilling Green Bay Area USBC Masters 2024 Tournament

Green Bay, WI - The 2024 Green Bay Area USBC Masters proved to be a weekend of intense bowling action, held at the Willow Creek Lanes in Green Bay on Saturday, February 3rd. With a challenging 40-foot lane condition, featuring a middle-to-outside track ratio of 1.53-1 and 30.3 mL of oil, 78 talented bowlers gathered to compete for the prestigious title.

Qualifying Results:After four games of grueling qualifying rounds, the field was narrowed down to the top 16 bowlers who would advance to the match play rounds. Here are the top qualifiers:

  1. Matt Heesaker: 858
  2. Scott Weber: 840
  3. John Vanlangendon: 812
  4. Kent Jacobson: 807
  5. Nate Becher: 805
  6. Rob Warren: 794
  7. Rick Volhard: 793
  8. Randy Wilde: 786
  9. Justin Doxtater: 771
  10. Caitlin Phillips: 769
  11. Russ Smith: 769
  12. Cullen Wilde: 768
  13. Jon Koltz: 767
  14. Matt Orvis: 766
  15. Robert Skog: 759
  16. Jay Nephew: 755

Match Play and Finals:The match play rounds were a true test of skill and strategy, with bowlers competing in two-game matches, where the highest two-game total advanced to the next round. The competition was fierce, with every frame being crucial. In the end, it all came down to the following results:


  • Jay Nephew (428) def. Justin Doxtater (405)
  • Jon Koltz (405) def. Cullen Wilde (402)
  • Scott Weber (439) def. Rick Volhard (366)
  • Matt Orvis (472) def. Russ Smith (410)


  • Jay Nephew (423) def. Jon Koltz (323)
  • Scott Weber (419) def. Matt Orvis (394)

Championship Match:In the championship match, Scott Weber displayed his exceptional skills and experience by defeating Jay Nephew with a score of 490 to 394, claiming his remarkable 6th Masters Title.

Scott Weber's Legacy:Weber's victory solidifies his legacy as one of the all-time greats in the Green Bay Area USBC Masters history. His dedication to the sport and consistent excellence on the lanes make him a true champion.

Congratulations to Scott Weber and all the participants for making the 2024 Green Bay Area USBC Masters a memorable event!

Green Bay open Tournament: A Recap of the Thrilling Results

The Green Bay Area USBC recently hosted the much-anticipated Green Bay Open Tournament, where bowlers from all around came together to compete in two exciting divisions: Handicap and Scratch. The tournament, held at [venue name], witnessed fierce competition, outstanding performances, and a lot of enthusiasm from the participants. Let's take a look at the impressive results from this thrilling event.

Handicap Division: Jennifer Verheyen Takes the Crown

In the Handicap Division, Jennifer Verheyen emerged as the champion, showcasing her exceptional bowling skills. Jennifer's impressive performance earned her the coveted title, and her precision on the lanes was truly commendable. Congratulations to Jennifer on her well-deserved victory!

However, Jennifer was not the only star in this division. Trent Miller secured the 2nd place spot, demonstrating his proficiency in the sport, while Dave LaBar claimed the 3rd place position, showcasing his talent and determination on the lanes. These finalists truly made the eliminator final pair an unforgettable spectacle.

With 19 entries in the Handicap Division, the competition was intense, and it was clear that all participants brought their A-game to the tournament. The level of skill and sportsmanship displayed by the bowlers in this division was remarkable.

Scratch Division: Alex Leeman Dominates the Competition

In the Scratch Division, it was Alex Leeman who stole the show. Alex's incredible bowling prowess led him to victory in this fiercely competitive division. His dedication and precision were evident throughout the tournament, and his performance was nothing short of spectacular. Congratulations to Alex on his outstanding achievement!

But Alex wasn't the only standout bowler in the Scratch Division. Rob Warren secured the 2nd place position, while Jason Becher claimed 3rd place, and Brian Laurent secured the 4th place spot. These finalists showcased remarkable skills, making the eliminator final pair an intense and thrilling spectacle for spectators.

With 30 entries in the Scratch Division, the competition was stiff, and the bowlers delivered some jaw-dropping moments on the lanes. It's clear that the passion for bowling runs deep in this community, and the Green Bay Open Tournament brought out the best in each participant.

We want to extend our sincere congratulations to all the bowlers who participated in the Green Bay Open Tournament. Your dedication, sportsmanship, and outstanding performances made this event a memorable one for everyone involved.

For a detailed look at the full results, please visit the official tournament website at link. You can find comprehensive standings, scores, and additional information about the tournament.

Once again, congratulations to the winners and finalists in both the Handicap and Scratch Divisions. Thank you to all the participants, volunteers, and supporters who made the Green Bay Open Tournament a resounding success. We look forward to seeing you on the lanes again in the future for more thrilling bowling action!

Jennifer Verheyen Handicap Division Champion

Alex Leeman Scratch Division Champion

Ashwaubenon Lanes Team wins Open Team Championships Tournament

The 2023 OpenTeam Championship was held Sunday March 5th at Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley.

129 teams attempted to qualify during league play during the month of January to advance to the 64 team single elimination bracket style event.

The Ashwaubenon Lanes Team from Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley defeated the Rendezvous of Luxemburg team 1033 to 966 in the final match to become this years' champion.

Team members include Mike LaBar, Scott McKinnon, Dave LeGreve, Doug Follet, and Nathan LeGreve.

Oneida 2nd Chance Farms team wins Women’s Team Tournament Title

The 2023 Women's Team Championship was held Sunday March 5th at Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley.

7 teams advanced to the single elimination bracket tournament.

The Oneida 2nd Chance Farms team from Wally's Seymour Bowl defeated the Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley team 899 to 806 in the final match to become this year's champions.

Team members include Sue Rader, Polly Trieber, Georgianna Keahna and Kylene Luepke.

Weber Wins Back to Back Sr. Masters Titles

The Green Bay Area USBC Senior Masters Tournament was held February 26th at Village Lanes, 45 bowlers over the age of 50 competed for the right to be called this year's Sr. Masters Champion.

The tournament consisted of 4 games of qualifying where twins Ron & Randy Wilde led the field with 943 and 916 respectively.

The field was cut to 12 bowlers for match play, with the top 4 qualifiers receiving byes for the single game matches.

Last year's champion Scott Weber rolled through match play on his way to the title match where he defeated Randy Wilde 193 to 182.

The Super Senior Award (first bowler over 60+ outside of the cut) went to John Gales with a 850.

Results summary and the links to the full results are below:

Qualifying Results:

(1) Ron Wilde: 943

(2) Randy Wilde: 916

(3) Kelly Berken: 907

(4) Scott Weber: 906

(5) Mark Derozier: 885

(6) Jeff Lee: 885

(7) Rick Garcia: 884

(8) Kent Jacobson: 882

(9) Jay Nephew: 881

(10) Scott Korth: 860

(11) Jack Siharaj: 854

(12) Troy Felsinger: 853

Match Play

Round 1

(9) Nephew def. (8) Jacobson 299-181

(5) Derozier def. (12) Felsinger 227-163

(11) Siharaj def. (6) Lee 227-225

(7) Garcia def. (10) Korth 205-186

Quarter Finals

(9) Nephew def. (1) Randy Wilde 237-212

(4) Weber def. (5) Derozier 198-188

(3) Berken def. (11) Siharaj 205-170

(2) Randy Wilde def. (7) Garcia 228-188


(4) Weber def. (9) Nephew 226-203

(2) Randy Wilde def. (3) Berken 232-225


(4) Weber def. (2) Randy Wilde 193-182

Stary Capture Her 3rd Queen’s Title

The 2023 Green Bay Area USBC Queen's Tournament was held on February 11th at Willow Creek Lanes in Green Bay.

28 of the areas top women bowlers competed for the title of being this year's Queen's Champion on a Challenge Pattern.

4 games of qualifying saw Erin Michelfelder lead the pack with a 894 earning her the top qualifier bonus.  Moving into Match Play the 2nd seeded Morgan Stary (833) defeated Valerie Verheyen (7th seed) and Carrie Garcia (4th seed) on her way to the championship where she met Michelfelder and came away with the victory in a close match 195-188.  This is Stary's third Queen's title.

Qualifier Advancers

(1) Erin Michelfelder 894

(2) Morgan Stary 833

(3) Ashley Brunette 806

(4) Carrie Garcia 804

(5) Teal Rosinsky 775

(6) Madison Adams 773

(7) Valerie Verheyen 755

(8) Michelle Moens 746

Match Play

Quarter Finals

(1) Michelfelder def. (8) Moens 199 - 163

(6) Adams def. (3) Brunette 252 - 163
(4) Garcia def. (5) Rosinsky 224 -215
(2) Stary def. (7) Verheyen 247 - 178

Semi Finals

(1) Michelfelder def. (6) Adams 225 - 162
(2) Stary def. (4) Garcia 236 - 202


(2) Stary def. (1) Michelfelder 195 - 188

Leavy Earns His First GBA Masters Title

The Green Bay Area USBC held the 34th Annual Masters Tournament this past Saturday at Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley.

80 of the areas top bowlers competed on a tough 1.83:1 sport pattern with 4 games of qualifying with the top 16 bowlers advancing to match play which consisted of 2 game matches.

Qualifying was led by Rick Volhard who averaged 218 with his 875 4 game total with Austin Boex taking the last spot in 16th with a 777.  

Robert Leavy qualified in the 15th seed with a 787 and then defeated 2nd seeded Jake Ziebarth 417 to 362, 7th seed Jim Delvoye Jr 383 to 326, and 11th seed Kevin Olsen 486 to 429 on his way to the Championship match where he defeated past champion Jake Johnson who was the 5th seed 398 to 377.

Match Play Results:

Round of 16

(16) Austin Boex def. (1) Rick Volhard 371-346

(8) Matthew Orvis def. (9) Dylan Shafel 414 - 365
(4) Justin Stephens def. (13) Nick Berken 405 - 362
(5) Jake Johnson def. (12) Ken Kempf 412 -363
(15) Robert Leavy def. (2) Jake Ziebarth 417 - 362
(7) Jim Delvoye Jr def. (10) Steven March 368 - 349
(3) Matt Heesaker def. (14) Nate Becher 496 - 404
(11) Kevin Olsen def. (6) Randy Wilde 406 - 343

Quarter Finals

(8) Orvis def. (16) Boex 388 - 322

(5) Johnson def. (4) Stephens 396 - 384
(15) Leavy def. (7) Delvoye Jr 383 - 326
(11) Olsen def. (3) Heesaker 411 - 404

Semi Finals

(5) Johnson def. (8) Orvis 433 - 344
(15) Leavy def. (11) Olsen 486 - 429

Championship Match
(15) Leavy def. (5) Johnson 398 - 377

Nick Berken & Jacob McKeever Are Green Bay Open Champions

The 4th Annual Green Bay Open was held on October 23 at the Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley.

Nick Berken was crowned champion in the Scratch Division while Jacob McKeever took home the title in the Handicap Division.

Scratch Division Highlights

Round 1 of Qualifying saw 300s by Jake Ziebarth (Game 1) and Emmanual McPherson (Game 3).  Ken Kempf led the first 3 games of qualifying with an 801 series (247-265-289).

After Round 1 (3 Games) - the field was cut to 16 bowlers.  It took a 652 to make the cut.  The remaining 16 bowlers bowled 2 additional games in the cashers round.  After 5 games, Ken Kempf continued to lead with a 1259 total.  The field was then cut to 6 bowlers, which took an 1123.

The remaining 6 bowlers were placed in 2 groups of 3 for the eliminator finals.  Pair 1 included Ken Kempf (1259), Matt Heesaker (1144) and Tyler McNutt (1123). Pair 2 featured Jake Ziebarth (1175), Emmanuel McPherson (1152), and Nick Berken (1125).  The bowlers bowled 1 game, with the low bowler eliminated after each game.  

After the first round of eliminations, Jake Ziebarth (218) and Matt Heesaker (219) were eliminated.  The second round took out Tyler McNutt (260) and Emmanuel McPherson (193).  This left Ken Kempf and Nick Berken to compete for the championship.  In that final match, Nick Berken defeated Ken Kempf 228 to 193.


Handicap Division Highlights

Round 1 of qualifying was led by Jacob McKeever (694).  The field was then cut to the top 6 bowlers who advanced to the cashers round for 2 additional games.

After the casher's round, Jacob McKeever held his lead (1126) and was joined by Travis Skinkis (1053) and Eric Verhagen (1050) who also advanced to join McKeever in the eliminator finals.

After the 1st game of elimination Eric Verhagen was eliminated with a 187.

McKeever and Skinkis competed for the championship where McKeever defeated Skinkis 224 to 201.


Team Tournament Standings

Qualifying has started for the 2017-2018 Team Championships.

Attempt to qualify during regular league play to earn a spot in the 64 Team Final Bracket.

Qualifying runs through January 15th.

So far 1 team has attempted to qualify from Willow Creek Lanes, and 15 teams from The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley.

2 teams from each center will make the finals, with the rest of the spots being award to wild cards based on center participation.


Other center results will be posted as more teams attempt to qualify.