Adult Awards Program

The Green Bay Area USBC has implemented a points based award program for bowlers beginning with the 2021-22 season.  We are utilizing a platform called Nectar.  Nectar was originally built for companies to provide incentives for employees.  We've adapted their program in order to provide awards for our members in recognition of their achievements on the lanes.  The video on this page has more information on how the program works and how to redeem points.

Points are awarded for the following achievements:

  • 50 Pins Over Average (Game) - 5 Points
  • 75 Pins Over Average (Game) - 10 Points 
  • 100 Pins Over Average (Series) - 5 Points
  • 150 Pins Over Average (Series) - 10 Points
  • 7-10 Split Conversion - 50 Points
  • 300 Game (Once Per Season) - 100 Points
  • 11 In A Row (Once Per Season) - 50 Points
  • 700 Series (Women - Once Per Season) - 100 Points
  • 800 Series (Once Per Season) - 100 Points
  • All Mark Series (Once Per Lifetime) - Plaque

Youth Awards Program

Every youth bowler in the association receives a backpack lanyard with their membership.  These lanyards can be attached to a backpack, a bowling bag, etc.  When an achievement is attained by a bowler, the award will be a "swag tag" that recognizes the accomplishment.  The swag tags are designed to be attached to the lanyard.

Swag tags are available for the following accomplishments:

  • 100 Game Award (averages under 80)
  • 150 Game Award (averages under 120)
  • 175 Game (averages under 140)
  • 200 Game Award (averages under 175)
  • 200 Series (2 Game series for averages under 90)
  • 300 Series (3 Game Series for averages under 90)
  • 400 Series Award (averages under 120)
  • 500 Series Award (averages under 140)
  • 600 Series Award (averages under 175)
  • 700 Series Award (everybody)

Yearly Association Recognition Awards

In addition to the general achievement awards listed above, the association recognizes the high average for both men and women, along with the high series for both men and women for each season.  These awards are given out at the annual Hall of Fame & Awards Banquet in November.

There is a minimum of 60 games required in order to earn the annual high average award.  The association also recognizes that some leagues may compete on a "Challenge" or "Sport" lane condition as defined in the USBC Rulebook.  In the event that a converted "Challenge" or "Sport" is higher than the association high average on a house condition, then both bowlers will receive a high average for that season.

These awards are determined by averages and series submitted to the Association Manager and Statistician each year.