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Tournament Rules:

  1. Tournament is certified by USBC.  All USBC rules apply.

  2. Tournament is only open to Green Bay Area USBC Members.  USBC Members from outside of the Green Bay Area are eligible to bowl after paying our local dues of $7.

  3. Tournament is Baker format.  Bowler 1 will bowl frames 1-4-7-10, Bowler 2 will bowl frames 2-5-8, and Bowler 3 will bowl frames 3-6-9.  

  4. Qualifying will consist of 9 games.  3 games will be completed on one pair of lanes; after games 3 and 6, teams will move 12 lanes to their right.  Bowlers on the team must rotate Baker positions after each game.

  5. After qualifying, the field will be cut to at least 1 in 3.  Advancing teams will then bowl 6 additional games with scores from the qualifying round carrying over.  Teams must continue to rotate Baker positions after each game.  In the event of a tie for the last advancing spot, a 3 frame roll off (frames 8-10) will break the tie. 

  6. After round 2, the field will be cut to the top 4 teams which will be seeded into a stepladder final.  All ties will be broken by a 3 frame roll off (frames 8-10).  The 4 seed team will bowl the 3 seed team in a 3 game match.  Teams must rotate bowlers after each game.  The team with the highest 3 game pin total will advance to face the 2 seed.  The winner of that match will then advance to face the top seed in a 3 game championship match.  In the event of a tie, a 3 frame roll off will occur.

  7. This is a handicap event.  Team handicap will be figured on a basis of 1/3 of 85% of 675.  High average from the 2022-23 season will be used.  In the event that a bowler does not have an average from last season, a current average of at least 21 games can be used with verification.  Bowlers without a verifiable average will be assigned a 230 average.  15 pin rule is in effect; bowlers averaging 15 pins higher at the time of bowling must use their current average.

  8. 100% of the prize fund will be returned.  All teams that advance to Round 2 will cash.

  9. Entry blanks must be paid and submitted to reserve a spot; the tournament is limited to 60 teams.

Pre-Registration Closed
Walk-Ins May Be Available Based On Lane Availability
First Come First Served