GBA USBC Awards 4 $1000 Scholarships for 2020

The Green Bay Area USBC provides for 3 $1,000 scholarships every year in honor of those who had a tremendous impact on Youth Bowling in our area. This years' scholarships are named after the following: Al Salmon, Rose & Maurice Lawyer, and Leo Delvoye.

This year, the committee awarded an extra scholarship with the Leo Delvoye Award, providing another bowler with a $1,000 scholarship.

This years scholarship winners were:

Leo Delvoye Memorial Scholarship

Andrew Perrault
Andrew is a senior at Pulaski High School and is part of the Village Lanes youth program along with the Green Bay Traveling League.  He's been a member for 10 years and has numerous National Honor Counts (700+ series) to his credit.  In addition to bowling he participates in the Marching Band, French Club and the National Honor Society.  Andrew also volunteers with the Salvation Army, the local homeless shelter and helps at the Lannoye Elementary Boo Bash.

Zachary Brzeczkowski
Zach is also a senior at Pulaski High School and is part of the Village Lanes youth program along with the Green Bay Traveling League.  He's been a member for 7 years.  His bowling accomplishments include being named Bowler of the Year his senior year in the 8th District for the High School program, 1st team all conference his senior year, 2nd team all conference his sophomore year and an 801 series at the state tournament qualifier. In addition to bowling Zach participates in PHS Band, State Solo and Ensemble and baseball.  Zach also volunteers for Promote Pulaski, the Pulaski Polka Days Committee and PACE.

Rose & Maurice Memorial Scholarship

Amber Lardinois
Amber is a senior at Bay Port High School and is part of the Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley youth program.  She's been a member for 7 years.  Her bowling accolades include qualifying for Junior Gold in 2019 & 2020, Pepsi State in 2019, Pepsi Qualifier in 2020, numerous 500/600/700 series, City Tournament honors and being a member of the All Conference Team in the High School program for 2019-2020. Amber is a volunteer for the Special Olympics Bowling Tournament  as well as other community activities.

Al Salmon Memorial Scholarship

Madison Adams
Madison is a senior at Preble High School and is part of the Willow Creek Lanes youth program.  She's been a member for 16 years.  Her bowling resume includes High Average at the 2016-2017 Youth Nationals Tournament in Indianapolis, many Pepsi Tournament appearances, 1st Team All Conference in the High School program for 2019-2020 along with participating in the All Star Tournament. Besides bowling, Madison participates in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), Link Crew, track & field, and band.  She also volunteers at the Children's Museum and with the local VFW.

The Green Bay Area USBC is proud to award these outstanding bowlers with a scholarship to help pursue their future education. This is in addition to the $5000+ that we award at our annual tournaments to bowlers of all ages.

Click here to learn how to apply for the 2021 awards.

Honor Scores (3/14/2020)

Riviera Lanes

Golden Niners

Jeff DesJardins: 726

Honor Scores (3/12/2020)

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

Ashwaubenon 800 League

Eric Nolan: 769

Nick Stanzione: 709

Girls Nite Out

Trina VandenElzen: 642

Westside Businessmen

Chris Robinson: 772 - 300

Matt Heesaker: 757

Terry Clark: 743

Nicholas Berken: 721

Reginald Doxtater: 712

Brandon Oettinger: 706 - 300

James LaPlant: 703

David Moureau: 703


George Decota: 775

Rod Brosig: 735

Riviera Lanes

Thursday National Oldtimers

Mike Lettenberger: 726

John Weeden: 714

Ten High Hardball Busters

Troy Nockerts: 768

Chad Cardinal: 751

Mike DeChamps: 746

Jeff Ernst: 740

Justin Buell: 712

Butch Miller: 703

Willow Creek Lanes


Mike Herman: 740

Bill Seidlitz: 718

Bryan Maccoux: 716

Ben Hendricks: 700

Silver Classic

Dennis Schuelke: 726 - 299

Village Lanes


Greg McKeefry: 702

Honor Scores (3/11/2020)

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

Paper Converting

Reggie Doxtater: 867 - 299 - 279 - 289 (ties house record)

AJ Smith: 714

Mitchell Stary: 710

Mike Dunst: 706 - 299

Dwayne Holcomb: 702

Jim Moureau: 701

Dirty Swingers

Jean Severson: 631

Women's Classic

Valerie Verheyen: 666

Makayla Baeten: 652

Morgan Stary: 652

Amanda Janssen: 647

Ashley Brunette: 642

Rita Bostedt: 629

Wendy LaFave: 621

Carrie Garcia: 614

Shari Kirsch: 613

Becky Erdmann: 607

Kim Felton: 603

Riviera Lanes

Golden Guys

Jason Loppnow: 800

Pete Vanremortel: 739

Bryan Schauer: 735

Corby Litke: 727

Mike Piontek: 726

Joe Stocks: 725

Dave Bricker: 717

Eric Nolan: 715

Craig Hoppe: 705

Mark Caelwaerts: 703

Willow Creek Lanes

Green Bay Major

Matt Heesaker: 762

Dustin Melberg: 732

Jason Weis: 718

Jeff Lemmen: 716

Village Lanes


Mark Schroeder: 741

Greg McKeefry: 726

Honor Scores (3/10/2020)

Riviera Lanes

Tuesday Morning Seniors

Dan Boncher: 716

P&G Matinee

Lynn Greaves: 618

Riviera 973

Wade Bisick: 773

James Feng: 753 - 299

Jerry Melotte: 751

Jon Koltz: 743

Jeff Lee: 728

Bill Harris: 726

Bill Heling: 726

Wally Georgia: 722

Tom Karman: 718

Steve Lor: 717

Chris Robinson: 713

Craig Hoppe: 711

Eric Puyleart: 710

Corby Litke: 706

Paul Phillips: 702

Village Lanes

Village Nite Out

Jim Moureau: 708

Val Verheyen: 702

Shana LaCombe: 678

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

Odd Balls

Matt Morgan: 756

Ron Brudnicki: 721

Scott Miller: 708

Zach Boulanger: 700

Honor Scores (3/9/2020)

Riviera Lanes

Riviera Strikers

Kim Hoffmann: 722

Shari Kirsch: 717

Amy Laurent: 683

Cassie Pulczinski: 649

Ashley Brunette: 621

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

3 Man Classic

Ron Wilde: 734

Mike Schmit: 722

Jake Ziebarth: 709

Ryan Ruf: 705

Morgan Stary: 662

Keglers Klassic

Aaron Bisick: 700

Willow Creek Lanes

Weber Bowling & Awards Sr. Classic

Brian Timmins: 737

Mark Schroeder: 726

John Leclair: 726

Felix Vanenkenvoort: 716

Village Lanes

Monday Swingers

Lori Daley: 606

Honor Scores (3/8/2020)

Village Lanes

St. Pat's

Wally Georgia: 707

Honor Scores (3/7/2020)

Village Lanes

Leo's Dynamic Duos

Melissa Christensen: 610

Riviera Lanes

Riv's Rowdies

Rory Johnson: 705

Beth Polomis: 663

Jessica Smits: 652

Heidi Parrott: 610

Jodi Greiling: 601

Honor Scores (3/6/2020)

Village Lanes

Kings & Queens

Amy Laurent: 628

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley


Rachel Schmit: 616

Willow Creek Lanes

Golden Sunrisers

Carol Diener: 619

Honor Scores (2/29/2020)

Village Lanes


Laura Fruzen: 600

Bucks N Does

Aaron Bisick: 712

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