Team Tournament



1ST PLACE: $1,000 (based on 280 Qualifying Teams)


  • Any five person team from your center league night can attempt to qualify for the tournament finals during league play.  You can pick up any five individuals that are bowling at your center in any certified league to try and qualify.  The 5 bowlers do not have to be on the same team or league, but they must be bowling at your center at the same time and must be current members of the Green Bay Area USBC.
  • Qualifying dates are January 2nd – January 29th.
  • Entry Fee is $5 per bowler ($25 per team) and must be paid prior to the start of your league competition.  (100% Prize Fund, the association will be paying for all lineage and other expenses, over $1700!)  Leave money with your center rep and pick up a score sheet prior to bowling.
  • Use last years highest average. Handicap is based on 80% of 230.
  • 15 Pin Rule is in effect. If you are 15 pins higher in average this year at the time of qualifying, you must use this years average.
  • All USBC rules not covered by these rules will be in effect.
  • The top two (2) team scores including handicap from each house will automatically make the finals.  Leagues that compete on a challenge condition will be together in a separate division which will also receive 2 automatic bids.  The tournament director reserves the right to adjust automatic seeds.
  • Remaining teams that have attempted to qualify but do not receive an automatic bid will have a chance to be in the tournament finals bracket as a wild card team.
  • Green Bay Area USBC Tournament Committee will determine the wild card teams and seeding as per the established format which is based on participation from each center.
  • Bowlers may attempt to qualify with several teams, and as many times as they’d like, but a bowler can only be on one final roster for the match play portion of the tournament.
  • Team captains for the 64 teams that make match play will be notified and need to submit the final rosters by the deadline outlined in the notification.  Each team will be able to add one additional bowler, that bowler must also come from the same night of bowling from which you attempted to qualify.  Once the roster has been submitted, there will be no changes made without approval from the tournament director.
  • Rosters should be submitted to the tournament director at PO Box 28373, Green Bay, WI 54324 or via  Rosters cannot be submitted over the phone.
  • Finals consist of a one game head to head match.  Winning team will move on to the next round.  Ties will be broken by a 9th and 10th frame roll-off.  (20% of the team handicap will be added to roll-off score).  Format will repeat until a champion is determined.
  • The 64 teams will be placed in 4 brackets of 16 teams.
  • Each qualifying team will be randomly assigned a starting squad time (9:30am or 10:30am).  Check-in will start one hour before scheduled start time.  Once check-in begins each team will draw their lane assignment which will determine their opponent and placement in the tournament bracket.

MATCH PLAY FINALS – February 24th, 2018 at 9:30am
HELD  at Riviera Lanes
2450 University Ave
Green Bay, WI 54302

Association Manager/Tournament Director: Zach Boulanger