Youth Championships

Final Standings


Willow Creek Lanes (2020 Verlin Rd, Green Bay WI 54311)

Entry Fee is $20 per bowler

Available Shifts:

1/24/2024 @ Noon

1/21/2024 @ Noon


  1. Tournament is open to Youth USBC members who are members of the Green Bay Area USBC.
  1. Teams will consist of four members per team.  Bowlers can be from different age groups and can either be all boys, all girls or mixed.  The singles event will use the same scores from the team event, and the bowlers will be classified by age and gender.






651-750 & over

MAJORS (15-18)

90% OF 200



JUNIORS (12-14)

90% OF 175



PREPS (9-11)

90% OF 150


450 & under


90% OF 100

    1. SCHOLARSHIPS:  A $50 scholarship will be awarded to each bowler on the 1st place team in each team division. Singles scholarship will be awarded to the individual bowler with 1st place high series with handicap ($75) 2nd place high series with handicap ($50) for boys and girls in each division.  Prizes will be awarded in the form of scholarships to the bowler’s SMART account.

      Awards will be given on the following basis: FIRST and SECOND PLACE TEAM AWARDS FOR ALL DIVISIONS. If more than TEN teams are entered in any one division, additional awards will be given on the basis of one set for every five teams entered in that division. INDIVIDUAL AWARDS for 1st and 2nd place highest series with handicap.


    1. Team Handicap will be 90% of the difference between total entering team average and high class limit.   All team averages over 750 will bowl scratch in Division A.

    The highest average from the 2022-2023 season, or current average of at least 9 games.

    If a bowler does not have a 9 game average in one league but does have 9 games or more in more than one league, a composite average of all leagues as of the time of bowling will be used.

    A bowler who does not have the required minimum number of games bowled will be accepted with an assigned average as follows: 8 years and under; 100 average: 9 to 11 years; 150 average: 12 to 14 years; 175 average: 15 to 18 years; 200 average.

    Standing sheets as of the date of bowling must be provided for bowlers without an average from last season.

    15 pin rule is in effect.  All bowlers averaging 15 or more pins higher at than the previous season at the time of bowling must use the current average.

    1. USBC rules and regulations will govern the tournament and USBC eligibility rules will be strictly enforced.
    1.  Falsification of any entry will result in automatic disqualification of the entire team, with NO REFUND of entry fee.
    1. A bowler can compete multiple times in the team event, however the same team may not compete more than once.  A team must change out at least 2 bowlers to be considered a new team.  Only the bowler's FIRST 3 game series will count towards the singles event.
    1.  All entrants must check in 45 minutes ahead of scheduled time.
    1. Reservations are guaranteed if made at least 2 weeks in advance.  Walk-ins only by availability.  Tournament director reserves the right to cancel squads if there are no reservations for a squad.