Youth Invitational

42nd Annual Youth Invitational

Sunday March 26, 2023

2:15pm Practice - 2:30pm Start (Bantams & Preps)

5:15pm Practice - 5:30pm Start (Juniors & Majors)

Wally’s Seymour Bowl

 119 Lake Rd

Seymour WI 54165

$0 Entry Fee – Tournament Funded by Green Bay Area USBC

Tournament Rules:

  1. This tournament is open to the HIGHEST AVERAGE YOUTH BOWLERS from each center in each age division certified in the Green Bay Area USBC.  Bowlers must have a minimum of 30 games.  Please enter up to three for each division plus one alternate.  Averages are to be carried out to the nearest hundredth.  In the event of a tie for the third position, both would participate.
  2. The center’s youth coordinator is responsible to complete this entry blank and ONLY BOWLERS NAMES THAT APPEAR on this blank will be able to participate in this tournament.
  3. Entrants will bowl 3 games.  This is a scratch tournament, no handicap will be added to the scores.
  4. Averages should be calculated as of March 6, 2023
  5. Awards will be given to first and second place for high series in each division.  In addition to awards scholarships of $100 for 1st Place, and $50 for 2nd Place.
  6. USBC rules and regulations will govern this tournament and USBC eligibility rules will be strictly enforced.
  7. Falsification of any entry will result in automatic disqualification.
  8. A Bowler may enter this tournament only once.  Entries close March 19, 2023.
  9. All entrants must check in at least 30 minutes before competition begins.  If a bowler is not checked in 30 minutes prior to start time, an alternate may be placed in the position.  Alternate must come from the same center.
  10. Age divisions are as of August 1, 2022
    1. Bantams (8 and under) Boys & Girls
    2. Preps (9-11) Boys & Girls
    3. Juniors (12-14) Boys & Girls
    4. Majors (15-18) Boys & Girls