The Green Bay Area USBC will award three $1,000 scholarships. High school students in 10th through 12th grade and current college students are eligible. The three scholarships are the ‘Alvin J. Salmon Award’, the ‘Rose & Maurice Lawyer Award’ and the ‘Leo Delvoye Award’.

Please keep in mind while making your selections that applicants do not have to be seniors in high school. Although a bowler maybe nominated many times she/he can only receive this award once.   Applicants are judged on leadership skills, community involvement, school activities, and bowling involvement.



  • The applicant must be at least a sophomore in high school in order to apply for the award. College students are eligible. Only members of the Green Bay Area USBC are eligible.
  • Winners of the award have EIGHT YEARS from the date of their high school graduation to use the scholarship money. If not used by then, the scholarship will be forfeited. All funds will be held in the USBC SMART Fund.

REMEMBER, OUR COMMITTEE CAN ONLY JUDGE IN YOUR FAVOR IF ENOUGH INFORMATION IS GIVEN.   You can use another page if you need more space for telling us the facts.


Each application has two pages. Coaches are to fill out form #2. Applicants are to fill out Form #1. Please use additional pages if needed. Please send these completed forms and any other information that you think would help the committee to make the selection of your individual.


If you have any questions, please contract Zach Boulanger at (920) 857-6690 or

These forms must be returned by March 1st, 2021

Green Bay Area USBC

Youth Committee

PO Box 28373

Green Bay, WI 54324