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Honor Scores (9/28/2023)

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley


Taylor Bourassa: 667

Riviera Lanes

Ten High Hardball Busters

Jack Siharaj: 739

Chad Cardinal: 722

Eric Puyleart: 706

Honor Scores (9/27/2023)

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

Womens Classic

Rachel Huben: 718

Ashley Brunette: 654

Beth Polomis: 652

Morgan Stary: 652

Briana Cubito: 631

Mid Week Classic

Tony Zahorik: 739

Kayla Marnati: 646

Willow Creek Lanes

Green Bay Major 

Jeff Nimke: 752

Mike Herman: 701

Honor Scores (9/26/2023)

Riviera Lanes

Tuesday Seniors

Tom Karman: 701

Riviera 973

Bob Ellenbecker: 735

Wally Georgia: 728

Craig Hoppe: 719

Jason Karbon: 715

Jon Koltz: 711

Willow Creek Lanes

Willow Creek Minor

Steve Stewart: 703

2022-23 All City Team Annouced

The Green Bay Area USBC board of directors is delighted to announce the return of the All-City Teams, a prestigious recognition for top-performing bowlers. After a hiatus, the board decided to reinstate this honor to provide greater recognition to the outstanding bowlers in the community. Throughout each season, bowlers can earn points through participation in Green Bay Area USBC tournaments, achieving honor scores within their league play, and maintaining high averages throughout the year.

Leading the resurgence of the All-City Team is none other than our male bowler of the year, Jake Ziebarth. Jake has had an extraordinary year, showcasing his remarkable skills on the lanes. His impressive average this season was an astounding 236 recorded in the Homewreckers League at Village Lanes. However, it is in the Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley, during the 3 Man Classic league known for its challenging shot, he initially scored a notable 232, with it being adjusted to 243. Jake's achievements extend beyond his high average, with an impressive record of 3 800-series, 46 700-series, and 7 perfect 300 games during the season. His exceptional performance also saw him finish as the runner-up in the Green Bay Open and a top 16 finish in the Masters Tournament.

Jake Ziebarth will be joined by other exceptional male bowlers on the All-City Team, including Rick Volhard, Jake Johnson, John VanLandengon, and Wally Georgia. These talented individuals will be honored at the upcoming Hall of Fame & Awards Banquet scheduled for November 3rd at the Riverside Ballroom.

For the Women's All City Team, the female bowler of the year title goes to Morgan Stary, who has dominated the bowling scene with her outstanding achievements. Morgan secured the top spot with an impressive highest female average at 232. Her triumphs include a 1st place finish at the Queens Tournament and an outstanding fall season in 2022-2023. In addition to her averages, Morgan also achieved an impressive 39 600-series and 12 700-series.

Morgan Stary will be accompanied by four other talented women at the Hall of Fame & Awards Banquet: Beth Polomis, Valerie Verheyen, Kim Hoffman, and Jeanne Simons.

Recognizing the exceptional talent within the community, the honorable mention teams for both men and women are as follows:

Women's Honorable Mention Team:

Carrie Garcia

Kim Felton

Wendy LaFave

Caitlyn Phillips

Briana Cubito

Men's Honorable Mention Team:

Mike Schmit

Kevin Olsen

Matt Heesaker

Joey Wagester

Justin Doxtater

The Green Bay Area USBC extends its congratulations to all the outstanding bowlers who have earned their place on the All City Teams and the honorable mention teams. This revival of the All City Teams underscores the commitment to celebrating and recognizing excellence in the sport of bowling.

Honor Scores (9/25/2023)

Riviera Lanes

Riviera Strikers

Cassie Pulczinski: 694

Amy Laurent: 694

Amy Laurent: 625

Wendy LaFave: 607

Kim Hoffmann: 603

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

3 Man Classic

Jake Johnson: 740

Justin Swette: 708

Josh Johnson: 705

Green Bay Tavern 

Randy Quaintance: 704

Honor Scores (9/22/2023)

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley


Mike Schmit: 735

2023 Hall of Fame Inductees Annouced

Green Bay, WI – The Riverside Ballroom in Green Bay is set to be abuzz with excitement on the evening of November 1st as the Green Bay Area USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Hall of Fame prepares to induct two esteemed members who have left an indelible mark on the local bowling scene. This prestigious event promises to be a celebration of dedication, skill, and unwavering passion for the sport of bowling.

Dan Beilfuss: Meritorious Service

One of the evening's honorees, Dan Beilfuss, is a true bowling stalwart whose dedication to the sport spans over half a century. Having been a member of the Association for an impressive 55 years, Dan's journey in the world of bowling has been nothing short of remarkable. His commitment to the Seymour Bowling Association, where he served as Secretary from 1969, continued even after its merger with the Green Bay Association.

Dan's involvement didn't stop there; he has been a dedicated member of various boards, including the Junior board, Men's board, and the merged board. His contributions extend to a wide range of bowling-related activities, from organizing tournaments to handling registrations, scorekeeping, raffle sales, and youth awards banquets. Dan has also been actively involved in delivering veterans baskets for the BVL (Bowlers to Veterans Link).

On the lanes, Dan Beilfuss has demonstrated his prowess as an accomplished bowler. Averaging over 200 for more than two decades at Wally's Seymour Bowl is a testament to his skill and consistency. He's notched up an impressive four perfect 300 games and boasts over 150 series better than 700. Dan was also a crucial member of the 2008-09 Green Bay City Tournament Team champions and a proud member of the 2006-07 Green Bay Press-Gazette All-City team.

His commitment to the sport and his tireless efforts behind the scenes have made Dan Beilfuss a true legend in the Green Bay bowling community.

John Schermetzler: Superior Performance

Another bowling luminary to be honored at the Hall of Fame & Awards Banquet is John Schermetzler, whose remarkable bowling journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Hailing from Manitowoc, John's journey to Green Bay was driven by his love for the sport, and he quickly made a name for himself on the local scene.

John's Bowlers Advantage Pro Shop team clinched three consecutive Green Bay Major titles, a feat that showcases his remarkable skill and competitive spirit. His consistency is further highlighted by the five times he claimed the second-highest average in the Major. Two other times, he secured the third-highest average, all testament to his unwavering dedication.

One particular night in bowling history stands out – on April 5, 2009, John Schermetzler etched his name in the record books by tying the Willow Creek House record with a mesmerizing series of 269-300-299, totaling an astonishing 868.

John's accolades extend beyond the lanes in Green Bay. He has been crowned the Top 64 tournament champion in 2007 and was also the champion of the 2020-21 Green Bay Senior Masters. An impressive nine times, he earned a spot on the Green Bay Press-Gazette All-City teams, showcasing his consistent excellence.

Throughout his career, John has consistently maintained an average of 230 or higher in the Green Bay Major, including a remarkable high average of 238.7 in 2005-06. He has crossed the elusive 800 barrier seven times, with seven perfect games, two games of 299, and one game of 298. These remarkable accomplishments are a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.

It is important to note that these accomplishments are only a glimpse of John Schermetzler's remarkable career, which extends beyond Green Bay to other bowling arenas.

The Green Bay Area USBC Hall of Fame & Awards Banquet on November 1st will be a night to remember, honoring two extraordinary individuals, Dan Beilfuss and John Schermetzler, who have dedicated their lives to the sport of bowling and left an indelible mark on the Green Bay bowling community. Their legacy will inspire generations of bowlers to come, reminding us all of the passion and dedication it takes to excel in this beloved sport. Congratulations to the inductees for their well-deserved recognition!

Honor Scores (9/21/2023)

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley


Lee Smith: 714 - 300

Wally Georgia: 713

Westside Businessmen

Bill Miller: 743

Nick Chmelka: 741

Gary Riegert: 737

Nicholas Berken: 723

Daniel Plfgradt: 713

Bradley Anderson: 701

Greg McKeefry: 700

Riviera Lanes

Thursday Oldtimers

Tom Karman: 737

Ten High Hardball Busters

Eric Puyleart: 706

Blake Renard: 705

Jeff Ernst: 702

Willow Creek Lanes


Ryan King: 732

Bryan Maccoux: 707

Honor Scores (9/20/2023)

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

Women's Classic

Rachel Huben: 673

Michelle Moens: 657

Briana Cubito: 643

Morgan Stary: 622

Ashley Brunette: 620

Beth Polomis: 615

Mid Week Classic

Andy Spakowitz: 750

Mitchell Stary: 713

Riviera Lanes

Golden Guys

Dennis Farmer: 728

Willow Creek Lanes

Green Bay Major

Matt Heesaker: 730

Randy Wilde: 724

Gary Riegert: 719

Mengie Vang: 700

Honor Scores (9/19/2023)

Riviera Lanes

Tuesday Morning Seniors

Terry Blazer: 709

Riviera 973

Brad Hanold: 756

Jon Koltz: 748 - 300

Wayne Teske: 709