Scott Weber Clinches 6th Masters Title in Thrilling Green Bay Area USBC Masters 2024 Tournament

Green Bay, WI - The 2024 Green Bay Area USBC Masters proved to be a weekend of intense bowling action, held at the Willow Creek Lanes in Green Bay on Saturday, February 3rd. With a challenging 40-foot lane condition, featuring a middle-to-outside track ratio of 1.53-1 and 30.3 mL of oil, 78 talented bowlers gathered to compete for the prestigious title.

Qualifying Results:After four games of grueling qualifying rounds, the field was narrowed down to the top 16 bowlers who would advance to the match play rounds. Here are the top qualifiers:

  1. Matt Heesaker: 858
  2. Scott Weber: 840
  3. John Vanlangendon: 812
  4. Kent Jacobson: 807
  5. Nate Becher: 805
  6. Rob Warren: 794
  7. Rick Volhard: 793
  8. Randy Wilde: 786
  9. Justin Doxtater: 771
  10. Caitlin Phillips: 769
  11. Russ Smith: 769
  12. Cullen Wilde: 768
  13. Jon Koltz: 767
  14. Matt Orvis: 766
  15. Robert Skog: 759
  16. Jay Nephew: 755

Match Play and Finals:The match play rounds were a true test of skill and strategy, with bowlers competing in two-game matches, where the highest two-game total advanced to the next round. The competition was fierce, with every frame being crucial. In the end, it all came down to the following results:


  • Jay Nephew (428) def. Justin Doxtater (405)
  • Jon Koltz (405) def. Cullen Wilde (402)
  • Scott Weber (439) def. Rick Volhard (366)
  • Matt Orvis (472) def. Russ Smith (410)


  • Jay Nephew (423) def. Jon Koltz (323)
  • Scott Weber (419) def. Matt Orvis (394)

Championship Match:In the championship match, Scott Weber displayed his exceptional skills and experience by defeating Jay Nephew with a score of 490 to 394, claiming his remarkable 6th Masters Title.

Scott Weber's Legacy:Weber's victory solidifies his legacy as one of the all-time greats in the Green Bay Area USBC Masters history. His dedication to the sport and consistent excellence on the lanes make him a true champion.

Congratulations to Scott Weber and all the participants for making the 2024 Green Bay Area USBC Masters a memorable event!