High Scores (9/7/2017)

Riviera Lanes

Thursday National Oldtimers

Steve Weigert: 684
Joe Chizek: 677

Todd Kraynik: 633

Thursday American Oldtimers

Glen Borley: 666

Ten High Hardbull Busters

Troy Nockerts: 722
Dick Francini: 699

James Feng: 694

Dave Schlough: 680

Dann Horkman: 676

Jeff Ernst: 670

Gary VerHeyden: 668

John Kahl: 667

Scott Piontek: 658

Tim White: 657

Butch Miller: 651

High Scores (9-6-17)

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

Paper Converting

Dan Pflugradt: 740
Al Aichele: 719 - 279

Dave Stary: 716 - 279

Dave Laundrie: 695

Tim McDermid: 687

Jim Moureau: 670

Kewaunee Bowl

Wednesday 3 Man Classic

Jeremy Jackson: 720 - 289
Tom Sweeney: 689 - 279

Wisconsin Open Championships Tournament In Green Bay Concludes

This past weekend marked the conclusion of the 115th Annual Wisconsin State Open Championship Tournament held right here in Green Bay.

Over 1960 teams competed in their divisions at Riviera Lanes.

There were also over 5020 sets of doubles and singles that competed at The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley​ over the past 18 weekends.

In all, over 89,000 games were bowled at the 2 centers.  There were 35 300 Games, and 10 800 series during the event.  ​


Notable Local Scores

Green Bay had a great showing in the tournament.  Check out the local bowlers who made the top 25 in each event below.

Team Division 1
"ABA - Out" is currently 2nd place in Division 1 (3665)
"20th Century Lanes -Denmark" is in 24th place in Division 1 (3517)

Team Optional Scratch
"ABA - Out" is currently 11th Place (3449)

Doubles Division 1
2nd Place: Simonet, Mark/Wilde, Randy (1566)
8th Place: Olsen Craig/Olsen, Kevin (1514)
14th Place: Becher, Jason/Kamke, Craig (1495)

Doubles Division 2
10th Place: Mertens, Joshua/Holewinski, Garrett (1375)
13th Place: Brunner, Dave/Siolka, Brian (1364)

Doubles Division 3
17th Place: Kraning, Shelley/Kraning, Jeff (1212)

Doubles Optional Scratch
1st Place: Simonet, Mark/Wilde, Randy (1534)
23rd Place: Johnson, Jake/Johnson, Josh (1425)

Singles Division 1
1st Place: Lemmen, Jeff (833)
6th Place: Young, Alex (809)
7th Place: Skenandore, Brad (804)

Singles Division 2
22nd Place: Mertens, Josh (702)

Singles Optional Scratch
1st Place: Lemmen, Jeff (833)
2nd Place: Young, Alex (799)

All Events Division 1
13th Place: Brien, Michael Jr. (2247)

All Events Division 2
1st Place: Lamers, Allan (2150)
6th Place: Mertens, Joshua (2050)
18th Place: Lackey, Kelli (1996)

All Events Optional Scratch
16th Place: Wilde, Randy (2179)
23rd Place: Lemmen, Jeff (2156)

300 Games
Brad Skenandore

800 Series
Jeff Lemmen: 299-277-257=833
Randy Wilde: 256-299-289=844

A big thanks go out to all the local volunteers who helped make this event a huge success.  The team at Riviera Lanes decided to take a quick photo before packing up. Hosting the largest state tournament in the country is no small feat!

Next year, the Women roll into town, stay tuned for more details on how you can volunteer.​

Left to Right: Lee Teske, Wayne Teske, Chuck Kimps, and Ray Lemmen

Top 64/32 Results

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley held their annual Top 64/32 on Monday May 1st.  Check out the results below:

Mens Quarterfinals: Reggie Doxtater 470 def Dave Janssen 363; Kevin Weiss 423 def. Doug Follett 392; John Schermitzler 440 def. Steve March 320; Justin Doxtater 430 def. Tanner Jepsen 428; Scott Weber 509 def. Jake Ziebarth 367; Todd Mielke 447 def. Matt Morgan 423; Jeff Orvis 398 def. Jamie Phillips 385; Matt Heesaker 482 def. Brett Simons 331.

Mens Semifinals (1): Todd Mielke 390, def. Jeff Orvis 367; John Schermitzler 366 def. Justin Doxtater 327; Scott Weber 473 def. Matt Heesaker 392; Reggie Doxtater 378 def. Kevin Weiss 362.

Mens Semifinals (2): Scott Weber 452 def. Reggie Doxtater 370; John Schermetzler 415 def. Todd Mielke 364

Mens Finals: Scott Weber (279, 214 - 493) def. John Schermetzler (171, 244 - 415).  Weber claims his second Top 64 title.

Womens Quarterfinals: Kim Felton 437 def. Caitlyn Polarek 418; Wendy LaFave 374 def. Jordan Shafel 358; Rita Bostedt 416 def. Brianna Cubito 343; Kelli Lemmen 357 def. Beth Polomis 354.

Womens Semifinals: Rita Bostedt 405 def. Kelli Lemmen 386; Wendy LaFave 371 def. Kim Felton 301.

Womens Finals: Rita Bostedt 351 def. Wendy LaFave 276.  Bostedt claims her 3rd Top 32 Title.

New Board Of Directors For Merged Association

On Thursday, April 20th - all members of the Green Bay Bay Area Bowling Association, the Green Bay Area WBA, and the Green Bay Youth Associations were invited to attend a meeting to elect the board of directors for the new Green Bay Area USBC (Merged Association) which will take office for the 2018-2019 Association.  

51 Members attended the meeting to cast their votes.  Below is list of the new board which will take over the association beginning in August of 2018.  During the 2017-2018 season, the new board will be shadowing the 3 current boards to get an idea of how each association currently operates.  The mandate to merge was passed at the USBC National Convention in 2016.​

Lane Certification Study Prompts New Specifications for 2019

Article from Bowl.com​


The United States Bowling Congress will implement new requirements for lane inspections and will adjust specifications for new installations for the 2019-2020 season based on recent research conducted by the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications team.

The research included analysis of the lane certification paperwork submitted by 323 centers, an examination of more than 1,000 lanes throughout the country, in which lanes were checked to determine compliance with current specifications, a study of the pin deck, and an examination of lane topography.

The studies were undertaken to determine the extent of lanes that were out of specification, which pin deck measurements have the most effect on scoring, how lane topography shifts over time, and how lane topography affects the ball path.

“The USBC team did a tremendous job in its research, looking at how lanes are inspected and how the lanes perform under current specifications,” USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy said. “The results helped us to make decisions on ways to improve the lane certification process and how installations are done. The studies and subsequent changes are important to ensuring the lanes USBC members compete on in leagues and competitions meet required standards.”

The key changes to lane certification will be the specification change for new installations, including overlays on existing lanes, the number of measurements required for each lane, and how kickbacks, the side panels of each lane in the pit area, are measured.

For new installations, including overlays on existing lanes, the specification for crowns/depressions and crosswise tilts now will be plus/minus thirty-thousandths of an inch starting Aug. 1, 2019. USBC also will require an inspection within 14 days following the completion of a new installation.

The specification change only is at the time of installation, and will minimize maintenance costs. The specification returns to plus/minus forty-thousandths for the next annual inspection.

Lane topography, which looks at contours, crowns and depressions, showed lane surfaces can change throughout the year because of environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. If lanes start flatter, they will stay within the current specification of forty-thousandths of an inch for a longer time, prompting the specification change.

Starting with certifications for the 2018-2019 season, a new application for center certification will be available on BOWL.com that will address the number of measurements required for each lane and how kickbacks are measured.

Lane inspectors will be required to measure the lanes at five locations for crowns/depressions and crosswise title, instead of the current three locations. With many lanes using synthetic panels, and the fact it takes five synthetic panels to construct a lane, there is a need to have at least one measurement for each panel.

A pin deck area scoring study determined the most important measurement affecting percentage of strikes is the distance between the kickbacks at the back of the pin deck. Measurements now will be taken from kickback plate to kickback plate starting with the 2018-2019 season, as it simplifies the measuring process and is not a change in the specification.

Lane inspectors also will be required to submit inspection applications signed by the inspector, association manager, and center representative to USBC national headquarters.

To ensure the accuracy of the data, USBC will allow a one-year grace period for center certification. Simply having a proper inspection of the bowling center and supplying the data to USBC Headquarters will allow the center to be certified for the 2018-2019 season. The data collected during these inspections will be analyzed to determine if additional improvements to the process will be needed for the 2019-2020 season. Of course, proprietors always will be encouraged to make needed repairs to their lanes.

Go to BOWL.com/EquipAndSpecs and click on Lane-Center Certifications to learn more and to view the complete Lane Certification Study.

USBC National Convention Concludes

Article from Bowl.com

April 27, 2017​

Elected to the USBC Board of Directors on Thursday (from left): Adam Mitchell, Reston, Virginia; Karl Kielich, El Paso, Texas; Jo Dimond, Columbus, Ohio

LAS VEGAS – Delegates voted on three board positions, watched presentations of national awards, and heard reports from United States Bowling Congress President Frank Wilkinson and USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy as the 2017 USBC Convention and Annual Meeting wrapped up Thursday at The Orleans.

Four candidates ran for the three open spots on the USBC Board. Incumbents Jo Dimond of Columbus, Ohio, and Karl Kielich of El Paso, Texas, were slated by the USBC Nominating Committee along with Glenda Beckett of Palmetto Bay, Florida, and Adam Mitchell of Reston, Virginia.

Kielich (617 votes), Mitchell (567), and Dimond (562) were elected on the first ballot. Beckett received 490 votes. The three elected each will begin a three-year board term starting Aug. 1, 2017.

Two athlete representatives were re-elected to USBC Board earlier this year. Kelly Kulick was selected for her third term, and Rhino Page to his second term, by Team USA athletes.

The International Bowling Campus Youth Committee will have two new members as John McCarthy III of Louisville, Kentucky, and Taffany Shipp of Pensacola, Florida, were selected to replace outgoing members Mike Hillman and Kim Stanek-Sims. IBC Youth Committee members were determined earlier this year and approved by the boards of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America and USBC.

Delegates also decided 14 proposed amendments – two for league rules, seven proposals for tournament rules (one was withdrawn) and five bylaws proposals – during the Annual Meeting. Nine of the proposed amendments passed, including a proposal to allow leagues and tournament directors the option to cap a handicap game at 300 and to cap a handicap series at 900.

Other highlights from Convention week were the annual presentations by Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL) and Bowl for the Cure®.

BVL provides recreational and therapeutic programs and services to brighten the days of America’s active duty and veteran service men and women. Founded in 1942, it is the sport’s oldest charity and has raised nearly $50 million.

BVL raised $925,500 for the Department of Veterans Affairs thanks to contributions made during the 2015-2016 season. California was the top state association contributor with $108,500, Metro Phoenix led local associations with a $22,000 donation, and Stockton USBC was recognized as Best Small Local Association with an average contribution of $9.28 per member. Go to BowlForVeterans.org to learn more about BVL.

Bowl for the Cure®, a year-round fundraising initiative sponsored by USBC in partnership with Susan G. Komen®, presented a $552,708 check to Susan G. Komen®, thanks to local and state association donations, along with merchandise sales and online donations. Go online to BowlfortheCure.com to learn more.

Also during the week, USBC announced changes to lane inspections and a new designation to bridge the gap between Standard and Sport averages.

USBC will implement new requirements for lane inspections for the 2018-2019 season and will adjust specifications for new installations for the 2019-2020 season based on recent research by the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications team.

USBC also has established a new designation for leagues competing on lane conditions that fall between Standard and Sport conditions. A new Challenge lane condition designation and conversion chart was determined based on research of leagues, and starting with the 2017-2018 season, league secretaries must choose one, and only one, of three lane condition options – Standard, Challenge or Sport – when submitting its league certification.

Go to BOWL.com to read more about the changes to lane inspections and the new Challenge lane condition designation.

League Rules (majority needed)

Amendment No. LR 1 – Accepted (528 accept, 238 reject)
Rule 100g, Handicap
Allows for a game and/or series to be capped at maximum scratch score.

Amendment No. LR 2 – Rejected (111 accept, 651 reject)
Rule 122, Meetings
Allows for changes to rules during the season with 75-percent approval of the team captains or designated representatives.

Tournament Rules (majority needed)
Amendment No. TR 1 – Rejected (307 accept, 462 reject)
Rule 303, Management
Allows the tournament manager to disqualify an individual for eligibility and/or average violations no later than 30 days after prizes are paid.

Amendment No. TR 2 – Rejected (99 accept, 669 reject)
Rule 319c, Average Adjustments (Rerating)
Allows for adjustments/rerating after games are completed.

Amendment No. TR 3 – Rejected (151 accept, 617 reject)
Rule 319c, Average Adjustments (Rerating)
Limits the reporting of rerates to three years prior.

Amendment No. TR 4 – Accepted (381 accept, 372 reject)
Rule 319d, Reporting Prior Prize Winnings
Requires reporting of prize money in excess of $300 in an event.

Amendment No. TR 5 – Accepted (425 accept, 327 reject)
Rule 319d, Reporting Prior Prize Winnings
Requires reporting of combined prize money in excess of $500 in a tournament.

Amendment No. TR 6 – Accepted (481 accept, 269 reject)
Rule 319d, Reporting Prior Prize Winnings
Requires reporting of combined prize money in excess of $1,000 in all tournaments competed in within 12 months.

Amendment No. TR 7 – Accepted (512 accept, 240 reject)
Rule 327 - Scoring Process, New Rule
Allows for a game and/or series to be capped at maximum scratch score.

Amendment No. TR 8 – Withdrew by proposer (USBC Legal and Legislative Committee)
Rule 329, Protests and Appeals
Allows for protests on eligibility and/or average violations to be filed no later than 10 days after prizes are paid.

Bylaws (two-third votes needed)
Amendment No. B 1 – Accepted (658 accept, 90 reject)
USBC National Bylaws
Article VI, Meetings
Section A. Annual Meeting, Item 3-a
Increases the formula for delegate representation to the USBC Convention and sets the maximum delegates allowed to an association to 30.

Amendment No. B 2 – Accepted (583 accept, 170 reject)
USBC National Bylaws
Article VI, Meetings
Section A. Annual Meeting, Item 3
Adds USBC Hall of Famers as eligible voters at the USBC Annual Meeting.

Amendment No. B 3 – Accepted (706 accept, 46 reject)
USBC Merged State Bylaws
Article VII, Meetings
Section A. Annual Meeting, Item 7, Quorum
Allows for one quorum for adult and youth delegates.

Amendment No. B 4 – Rejected (348 accept, 407 reject)
USBC Merged Local Bylaws
Article IV, Membership and Dues
Individuals joining a summer league can purchase membership for that summer and following season.

Amendment No. B 5 – Accepted (703 accept, 50 reject)
USBC Merged Local Bylaws
Article VII, Meetings
Section A. Annual Meeting, Item 6, Quorum
Allows for one quorum for adult members and Youth Representatives.

The USBC Board, in its authority also approved the following changes:
General Playing Rules

- A new General Playing Rule 16b explains a member’s responsibilities, such as ensuring the member uses the correct average or has current membership.
- For Rule 17a, the penalty has been changed to include “any and all monetary or non-monetary awards”.
Association Policy Manual
- The bowlers/delegates set the “maximum” dues amount and the board can determine an amount less than the maximum.
- The association can no longer set a cutoff date for obtaining averages. All scores, including playoff/rolloffs must be included when submitting averages to the association.
Youth change
- Rule 329, Protest and Appeal, allows for protest on eligibility and/or average violations to be filed no later than 10 days after prizes are paid.

New League Designation To Bridge Gap Between Standard, Sport

Article from BOWL.com

ARLINGTON, Texas – As the United States Bowling Congress continues to seek ways to ensure reported averages are a true reflection of a bowler’s abilities, USBC has established a new designation for leagues competing on lane conditions that fall between Standard and Sport conditions. A new Challenge lane condition designation and conversion chart was determined based on research of leagues conducted under a Sport/Challenge designation, as well as leagues competing on Blue lane conditions.

Recent research showed a discrepancy for leagues competing on more difficult, though not Sport, lane conditions. Because these leagues were not conducting their full league season on Sport conditions, or were using a variety of lane conditions, the leagues were designating as Standard, as currently there is no other option. The Challenge designation provides the solution.

“A thorough examination of bowlers who have competed in both Standard and Challenge leagues showed a discrepancy that needed to be addressed,” USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy said. “The data showed us that using a Sport conversion for some leagues might not be appropriate, but the averages of bowlers competing on certain conditions did warrant a conversion to ensure they are not gaining an unfair advantage when they compete on Standard conditions. This is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure the averages of all bowlers accurately reflect a bowler’s ability.”

Starting with the 2017-2018 season, when a league submits its certification, the league secretary must choose one, and only one, of three lane condition options – Standard, Challenge or Sport.

Standard will be for leagues conducted on traditional house conditions, Sport will be for true Sport leagues, while Challenge will be for leagues that use a variety of difficult patterns but are not classified as Sport-only leagues.

Data will also be used to determine a league’s lane condition designation. Leagues with an average difference of 20 or more pins still will be considered Sport. Leagues with an average difference between 10-19 pins will fall into the new Challenge condition. Leagues from the 2016-2017 season will be moved into the appropriate lane condition designation based upon final averages and an analysis, and those leagues will be notified they have been moved into a new classification.

USBC also has developed new average conversion charts, for both Sport and Challenge leagues, so tournament and league managers can convert Sport and Challenge averages to Standard averages, and vice versa. The bowlers in a Challenge league will receive a new designation in Find A Member, so tournament and other league managers are aware the bowler’s average was determined in a league bowled on tougher lane conditions. Averages are to be automatically converted using the conversion charts.

The changes are based on USBC Membership’s research of leagues that were marked as Standard but were reported, or discovered, to be competing on Sport or Challenge lane conditions. A check of the bowlers’ averages in those leagues, compared to the bowlers’ highest averages for the same season in a Standard league (min. 21 games), showed the discrepancy.

For more information, including a look at the differences between Standard, Challenge and Sport leagues, the average conversion charts that includes the Sport and Challenge conversions, and the research data, please visit BOWL.com/SportBowling.

PWBA Returns To Green Bay!

The best women bowlers in the world will once again return to Green Bay June 21-June 25 for the Go Bowling 2017 PWBA Players Championship.  The event will be held at the Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley.

There will also be a Pro-Am, don't miss out on your chance to bowl with the pros!​

Tournament Schedule

Wednesday, June 21
4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.:   Official Practice
7 p.m.:   Pro-Am

Thursday, June 22
11 a.m.:   Qualifying Round 1       (Fresh Oil)   (Six games)
5 p.m.:     Qualifying Round 2       (Fresh Oil)   (Six games)

Friday, June 23
11 a.m.:   Qualifying Round 3                            (Fresh Oil) (Six games)
5 p.m.:     Round-Robin Match Play Round 1  (Fresh Oil) (Six games)

Saturday, June 24
8 a.m.:     Round-Robin Match Play Round 2   (Fresh Oil) (Six games)
2 p.m.:     Round-Robin Match Play Round 3   (Fresh Oil) (Six games)
7 p.m.:     Pro-Am

Sunday, June 25
Live televised finals on CBS Sports Network

The TV taping schedule (all times local) on June 25 is:
11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.:   Go Bowling PWBA Players Championships (LIVE)
1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.:   PWBA Wichita Open (scheduled to air at 8 p.m. Eastern – July 4)
4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.:   Pepsi PWBA Lincoln Open (scheduled to air at 8 p.m. Eastern – July 11)
7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.:   PWBA Greater Detroit Open (scheduled to air at 8 p.m. Eastern – July 18)

Pro-Am Information

1 137 138 139