Wisconsin Open Championships Tournament In Green Bay Concludes

This past weekend marked the conclusion of the 115th Annual Wisconsin State Open Championship Tournament held right here in Green Bay.

Over 1960 teams competed in their divisions at Riviera Lanes.

There were also over 5020 sets of doubles and singles that competed at The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley​ over the past 18 weekends.

In all, over 89,000 games were bowled at the 2 centers.  There were 35 300 Games, and 10 800 series during the event.  ​


Notable Local Scores

Green Bay had a great showing in the tournament.  Check out the local bowlers who made the top 25 in each event below.

Team Division 1
"ABA - Out" is currently 2nd place in Division 1 (3665)
"20th Century Lanes -Denmark" is in 24th place in Division 1 (3517)

Team Optional Scratch
"ABA - Out" is currently 11th Place (3449)

Doubles Division 1
2nd Place: Simonet, Mark/Wilde, Randy (1566)
8th Place: Olsen Craig/Olsen, Kevin (1514)
14th Place: Becher, Jason/Kamke, Craig (1495)

Doubles Division 2
10th Place: Mertens, Joshua/Holewinski, Garrett (1375)
13th Place: Brunner, Dave/Siolka, Brian (1364)

Doubles Division 3
17th Place: Kraning, Shelley/Kraning, Jeff (1212)

Doubles Optional Scratch
1st Place: Simonet, Mark/Wilde, Randy (1534)
23rd Place: Johnson, Jake/Johnson, Josh (1425)

Singles Division 1
1st Place: Lemmen, Jeff (833)
6th Place: Young, Alex (809)
7th Place: Skenandore, Brad (804)

Singles Division 2
22nd Place: Mertens, Josh (702)

Singles Optional Scratch
1st Place: Lemmen, Jeff (833)
2nd Place: Young, Alex (799)

All Events Division 1
13th Place: Brien, Michael Jr. (2247)

All Events Division 2
1st Place: Lamers, Allan (2150)
6th Place: Mertens, Joshua (2050)
18th Place: Lackey, Kelli (1996)

All Events Optional Scratch
16th Place: Wilde, Randy (2179)
23rd Place: Lemmen, Jeff (2156)

300 Games
Brad Skenandore

800 Series
Jeff Lemmen: 299-277-257=833
Randy Wilde: 256-299-289=844

A big thanks go out to all the local volunteers who helped make this event a huge success.  The team at Riviera Lanes decided to take a quick photo before packing up. Hosting the largest state tournament in the country is no small feat!

Next year, the Women roll into town, stay tuned for more details on how you can volunteer.​

Left to Right: Lee Teske, Wayne Teske, Chuck Kimps, and Ray Lemmen