BVL Hits $1,000,000 Mark!

For the first time since 2001, bowling’s own, oldest and most successful charity, the Bowlers to Veterans Link, has cleared the million dollar mark – raising $1,069,779.75 going into the organization’s 75th Anniversary year.

“We’re absolutely delighted that we have broken that million dollar mark,” notes BVL Executive Director Mary Harrar.  “These monies were raised across America by volunteers that understand the importance of the BVL mission to Brighten Veterans’ Lives.  They know that their efforts will truly have an important impact on our veterans.”

The majority of the contributions – more than $630,000 – was derived from approximately 300 USBC associations and leagues throughout the country, up from $594,000 in the 15-16 season. Of that, $7,374.67 came from the State of Wisconsin.

“We can’t thank our bowlers from Wisconsin enough to help us break that million dollar mark,” notes BVL Executive Director Mary Harrar.  “Throughout the state — in small towns and big cities — your hard-working volunteers really made a difference.”

The remainder of the funds raised was the result of donations from bowling center campaigns, corporate support, personal contributions, and dollars donated in honor of members of the bowling community and military veterans.  Harrar adds, “From our corporate partners to youth league fund-raisers, our cause is being embraced by all segments of the sport.”

A complete list of the 16-17 contributors can be found at

BVL funds are used to provide recreational and therapeutic programs and activities to help brighten the days of veterans; encouraging participation in sports and the arts to help speed recuperation and boost morale.

Founded in 1942, BVL has been recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs for its commitment to America’s veterans. Notes VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin, “Our country’s sacred obligation to fully honor our commitments to our Veterans is deeply personal to me, and I’m particularly grateful to Bowlers to Veterans Link for joining us in their own enduring commitment and noble work for Veterans.  My deep thanks to BVL for steadfastly honoring Veterans’ sacrifices.” 

Harrar concludes, “While we thank each and every Wisconsin BVL volunteer and contributor for their efforts, we want to redouble our commitment as we enter this new season.  There is plenty of room for more associations to get involved.  Contact me at to get your free fund-raising kit.  Let’s work together to make our 75th Anniversary year better than ever!”

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