2017-2018 Green Bay Area USBC Women's City Tournament

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley
2929 Allied St
Green Bay, WI 54304

Sunday, January 21st at 11am
Saturday, January 27th at 9am

Doubles & Singles
Saturday, January 20th at Noon
Sunday, January 28th at Noon

Entries will be accepted up to 1 hour prior to squad time, based on lane availability.

Please call to verify lanes are available. Prior to weekend (920) 863-6835 - Same day call lanes (920) 336-0400

Squads may be condensed or tournament extended based on participation.

Cost of bowling: $15.00 per person, per event. ($6.50 Prize - $7.00 Bowling Fee - $1.50 Expense per event) $5.00 All Events.

Tournament Rules

1.  This is a handicap tournament consisting of a 4-member Team event, Doubles, Singles and All Events. Handicap will be based on

100% of 225. Prize Ratio: At least 1 in 3.

2.  All entrants must be current members of USBC and the Green Bay Area USBC WBA. Memberships may be purchased onsite at

a cost of $17.00 for full dues or $4.00 WBA if USBC dues ($13) have already been paid. Proof of payment will be required.

3.  Entrants will use highest league average from the 2016-17 season. If no average, entrant will use highest current average with a

minimum of 12 games as of the time they bowl in the tournament. If no average is established, bowler will use 225 scratch average.

Bowler must present verification of current year average, signed by league secretary, at time of bowling if no previous year average

is available. At the time of bowling if an entrant has a current average for 21 or more games that is 15 pins or more higher

than the prior season’s average, the current average must be used. Failure to report current average may result in

disqualification. Sport and Challenge league averages will be adjusted per USBC average conversion chart.

4.  Entries must be accompanied by full amount of fees ($15.00 per person, per event). Entry fees will not be refunded once

received without a written request within two (2) weeks (14 days) of original confirmation letter.

5.  Multiple participation will be allowed in team event only, provided at least two (2) bowlers per team are different. Bowlers may

only enter and cash one time in Doubles, Singles and All Events. Multiple Team entrants may cash more than once in Team

Event only. First team participation will count toward All Events score.

6.  All Events are optional and must be paid prior to first participation in Tournament. All Events score will consist of each bowler’s

 individual team score plus individual doubles and singles scores for a total of nine (9) games. Cost is $5.00.

7.  Rearranging of lineup will be permitted up to 1 hour before check-in time. Last minute substitute bowlers must replace the absent

bowler in lineup.

8.  Teams will bowl three (3) games on their assigned pair of lanes. Doubles & Singles Events will consist of three (3) games each.

Doubles and Singles will be bowled on same pair of lanes. Bowlers may enter Doubles, Singles or both.

9.  Any bowler or team arriving late shall begin play with the score count beginning with the frame then being bowled. Bowler or team

will receive zero (0) score for any frame(s) missed. During tournament play bowlers must be present and ready to bowl when it is her

turn to bowl. Any bowler not present when it is her turn to bowl will receive zero (0) score for the frame(s) missed.

10.  Any unopposed team must bowl a complete frame on one lane before starting the next frame on adjoining lane.

11.  In the event of a 1st  place tie in any event in any division, Co-Champions will be declared.

12.  The tournament is under the management of GBA USBC WBA Board of Directors with the Association Manager as the

Tournament Manager. The Tournament Manager has the authority to hear disputes, complaints or protests relating to the

tournament and present them to the Board. Decisions made by Board are final unless an appeal is made to USBC and USBC overrules

Board decision. USBC rule book will govern any and all rules not addressed above.

4 Women per team
Doubles - Singles - Handicap All Events

100% Prize Fund Payout

Cash Prizes for Overall Scratch High Game, Series, and All Events

Tournament Prize Ratio: At least 1 in 3

Wisconsin State USBC Women's Bowling Association 2018 Championship Tournament

Hosted by the Green Bay Area USBC WBA

4 Women Teams - Doubles - Singles - All Events - 3 Handicap Divisions - Plus Optional Scratch Cash Pots

WS USBC WBA is adding $5 to the prize fund for each participant in Team, Doubles, & Singles Handicap Events

Team Event - Riviera Lanes
Friday: 6pm
Saturday: 11am & 2pm
Sunday: 10am & 1pm

Doubles & Singles - Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley
Friday: 2pm & 6pm
Saturday: 11am & 3pm
Sunday: 9am & 1pm

Tournament opens February 16th and concludes April 22.
Tournament will be extended if necessary
No bowling Easter Weekend (March 30, 31, April 1)

SQUAD LEADERS - Bring 8 or more teams and receive a CASH AWARD

Reservations for any number of entries will be accepted beginning the last Thursday of March.

Reservations made:

Prior to September 15: Entry forms and fees are due no later than September 30.

September 15 or later: Entry forms and fees are due within two weeks.

Reserved entries not received by due date are subject to cancellation.

Entries received without a reservation will be scheduled upon receipt of entry form and fees based on availability.

Call (920) 406-2695 or (800) 660-9655 for reservations.

Midwest Women's Tournament

2018 Host - Wisconsin State USBC WBA

Prize fund enhanced by the MWT!
Entries Close 2018

Tournament Opens: June 2nd, 2018, Tournament Ends July 1, 2018 (unless extended)

Green Bay Area USBC Women's Bowling Association 2018 Senior 8-Pin Tap Handicap Tournament

Saturday February 10th, 2018

Check In: 2:15pm  Bowling: 3:00pm
Riviera Lanes