Green Bay Open

2nd Annual Tournament hosted by the Green Bay Area USBC featuring a unique format with Scratch AND Handicap divisions!

Ashwaubneon Bowling Alley
2929 Allied St
Green Bay, WI 54304

Saturday October 19th, 2019

11:45 am practice-12pm start. 

2 Divisions: Handicap ($35 entry), Scratch ($50 entry)

$12 lineage, rest prize money.  Payout ratio 1:4. Higher Prize Fund in Scratch.


-Scratch and Handicap Divisions compete separately.

-After 3 qualifying games, the field will be cut to a casher’s round. At least 1 in 4 will advance and cash.

-Those remaining will bowl 2 additional games with scores carrying over from the previous round.

-The Top 4 bowlers with the highest 5 game total will advance to the eliminator style finals. High 5 game

qualifier receives a cash bonus.

-The eliminator finals will consist of one game matches. All four finalists will compete, and the bowler with

the lowest score will be eliminated. This process continues with 3 bowlers, and then with 2 for our final



1. Tournament is sanctioned by USBC. All USBC rules apply. Tournament is Open to all USBC members.

2. After each of the 5 qualifying games, bowlers will move lanes. Lane movement will be announced at start

of squad.

3. The oil pattern will be a Challenge Pattern and will be released onsite.

4. Handicap will consist of 90% of 220. Bowlers averaging over 220 must bowl in the scratch division.

5. 100% of each prize fund will be returned.

6. Check-In begins at 11am.

7. Brackets will be available.


Length: 44ft

Ratio: 4.8 to 1

Volume: 23.60 mL

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