Masters Tournament

29th Annual MASTERS Tournament

1st Place: $600 (Based on 70 entries)

Willow Creek Lanes

2020 Verlin Road

Green Bay, WI 54311

Saturday February 3, 2018

11:45pm Practice – 12pm Start

$45 per bowler ($12 expenses, $33 prize money)

Pattern Details:

Distance: 39 feet

Ratio: 1:2.69

Volume: 22.44

Tournament Rules:

  • Tournament is sanctioned by USBC.  All USBC rules apply.
  • Tournament is only open to GBBA USBC BA Members.  Bowlers must have completed 12 games of league play in the association either this or last year to be eligible.
  • Qualifying will consist of 4 games.  Bowlers will move after each game.  Actual moves will be determined based on number of lanes used for the event.
  • After qualifying, the field will be cut to the top 16 bowlers.  Those bowlers will be seeded based on total pins and bowl head to head in a 2 game match.  The bowler with the highest total pins after 2 games will be declared the winner and advance to the next round.  If there should be a tie, a 9th and 10th frame roll off will be completed.  The higher seeded bowler will have choice of starting lane throughout match play.
  • This is a scratch event, no handicap.
  • 100% of the prize fund will be returned.
  • Check in begins at 11am
  • Brackets and side pots will be available
  • No hats or shorts of any kind will be allowed during bowling.  Jeans are acceptable, provided they are in good condition as decided by the tournament director.

Prize Fund based on 70 Bowlers

1st: $600

2nd: $400

3rd-4th: $220

5th-8th: $125

9th-16th: $70

Top Qualifier: $65

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