Green Bay Open

-NEW Tournament hosted by the Green Bay Area USBC featuring a unique format with Scratch AND Handicap divisions!

Willow Creek Lanes

2020 Verlin Road

Green Bay, WI 54311

Saturday October 20th, 2018

11:45 am practice-12pm start. 

2 Divisions: Handicap ($35 entry), Scratch ($50 entry)

$12 lineage, rest prize money.  Payout ratio 1:4. Higher Prize Fund in Scratch.


-Scratch and Handicap Divisions compete separately.

-After 3 qualifying games, each field will be cut in half.

-Those remaining will bowl 2 additional games with scores carrying over from the previous round.

-The Top 4 bowlers with the highest 5 game total will advance to the eliminator style finals.  High qualifier receives a cash bonus. Top 50% finishers of 2nd qualifying round will cash.

-The eliminator finals will consist of one game matches.  All four finalists will compete, and the bowler with the lowest score will be eliminated.  This process continues with 3 bowlers, and then with 2 for our final match.


  1. Tournament is certified by USBC.  All USBC rules apply. Tournament is open to all Green Bay Area USBC members.
  2. After each of the 5 qualifying games, bowlers will move one pair.  Bowlers on the right lane will move one pair right, bowlers on the left lane will move one pair left.  Bowlers will remain on the same pair for the entirety of the eliminator finals.
  3. The oil pattern will be a Challenge Pattern and will be released onsite.
  4. Bowler in Handicap division will use highest 2017-2018 average.  Current average of 21 games or more must be used if 15 or more pins higher than previous seasons average.  Tournament director reserves right to re-rate any bowler.
  5. Handicap will consist of 90% of 220.  Bowlers averaging over 220 must bowl in the scratch division.
  6. 100% of each prize fund will be returned.
  7. Check-In begins at 11am.
  8. Brackets will be available.


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