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High Scores (5/23/2018)

Riviera Lanes

Spring Fling

Beth Polomis: 719

Corby Litke: 702 - 276

Dave Holl: 689

Arron Mincheski: 666

Butch Miller: 656

Kim Hoffmann: 638

New WI State USBC Board Elected

An organizational meeting was held on Saturday May 19th at Ledgeview Lanes in Fond Du Lac to form your new WI State USBC.  This new association replaces the three existing associations for men, women and youth.

Kandy Birmingham of Milwaukee was elected President and Brian Knab from Wausau was elected Vice-President.  Joyce Jansen will take the reins as Sergeant at Arms.

Directors include Michelle Bartoletti, Charles Callan, Zach Boulanger, Bonnie DeHarde, Phil Dowling, George Fincutter, Rick Hall, Phil LaPorte, Bev Larsen, Bill Lister, Jason Peirick, Joan Rennert, Andrew Rice, David Rixmann, Doug Sleaford, Marcia Snyder and Ginni Zuege.

Immediately after the board was elected, they unanimously decided to offer Don Hildebrand the job of Association Manager, which he accepted.  Don has been the association manager of the men's state association for a number of years.

Wisconsin currently has the biggest Open and Women's State Championship in the Nation and the new board is excited to continue that great tradition.

In addition to the 3 state championships (Open, Women and Youth), the new state association will also be responsible for other events such as the Badger Queens and the Youth 500/600 Tournament.  There was also some talk about setting up a new Wisconsin's Masters Tournament.

The 2018-2019 State Tournaments are already scheduled. The Open will be held in Wausau, the Women's in Madison and the Youth in Appleton.

Bowlers can expect little changes this year as the new board works together to understand the differences between the events.

Here locally in Green Bay we have some great representation with Michelle Bartoletti, Zach Boulanger, and Bev Larsen - feel free to reach out to any of us if you have any questions or concerns.

Wisconsin State USBC
2018-2019 Board of Directors





Birmingham, Kandy


New Berlin

3 Years

Knab, Brian

Vice - President


2 Years

Jansen, Joyce



1 Year

Dowling, Phil

Youth Director


3 Years

Callan, Charles

Youth Director

La Crosse

3 Years

Rice, Andy

Youth Director


2 Years

Zuege, Ginni

Youth Director


2 Years

Stracy, Vicki

Youth Director


1 Year

Bartoletti, Michelle



3 Years

La Porte, Phil



3 Years

Sleaford, Doug


New Berlin

3 Years

Snyder, Marcia


Fond Du Lac

3 Years

Hall, Rick


La Crosse

2 Years

Larsen, Bev


Green Bay

2 Years

Rennert, Joan



2 Years

Rixmann, David



2 Years

Boulanger, Zach


Green Bay

1 Year

DeHarde, Bonnie


New Berlin

1 Year

Fincutter, George



1 Year

Lister, Bill



1 Year

Peirick, Jason



1 Year

High Scores (5/16/2018)

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Riviera Lanes

Spring Fling

Beth Polomis: 708 - 267 - 256

AJ Schmid: 695

Corby Litke: 666

Kim Hoffmann: 608

Bowling Coach Educational Opportunities – August 11th and 12th in Green Bay

The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley in Green Bay will be hosting two great educational programs to increase your knowledge as a bowling coach.

First is a FREE USA Coaching Seminar on August 11th at 1 PM.  This is a 3 hr program, which will give you the opportunity to take the USBC Level I online test at no charge.  The normal cost for the Level I test is $49.

They have added a new section on teaching the 2-handed delivery this year.

USBC Bronze Conference - Aug 11th and 12th

USBC is holding a National Bronze Coaching Certification Weekend on August 11th and 12th.

The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley is honored to have been selected as one of 14 host bowling centers across the country.

I encourage you to take advantage of USBC's nationwide effort to certify Bronze Level Coaches.  The cost is $245 if you register by July 2.  The regular cost is $295.  Entry deadline is July 30.  Anyone who signs up after that date will have to pay $325 to enter.

The conference will be from 9 AM to 5 PM both days.

To take the USBC Coaching Bronze course, you first must successfully complete Level I certification and have been approved through the Registered Volunteer Program (RVP)  


Please email, text or call Steve with any questions.

Steve Gough
Director of Youth Development
Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley
Main - 920-336-0400
Cell - 906-440-0378

High Scores (5/9/2018)

Riviera Lanes

Wednesday Spring Fling

Corby Litke: 743

AJ Schmid: 693 - 289

Rick Davis: 685

Chad Cardinal: 674

Dan Boncher: 670

Arron Mincheski: 667

Dave Holl: 659


Note: Below is a copy of the press release the USBC put out in regards to new ball specifications that will take effect in 2020.   I was at the seminar when this was announced where a lot of information was shared into the research and reasoning during the USBC National Convention.  Feel free to send me a message with any questions, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

A video with a summary of the research presented is available below as well.

- Zach Boulanger
Association Manager

ARLINGTON, Texas – Following three years of research on how technology has affected the sport of bowling, the United States Bowling Congress Equipment and Specifications Committee has established new specifications designed to sustain the playing field both currently and in the future.

The new specifications, which will be implemented over the course of the next two seasons, were announced at the USBC Convention in Reno, Nevada.
“Technology impacts every sport, but it is our role as the National Governing Body to ensure the skill of the competitors on the lanes remains the deciding factor,” said Andrew Cain, chair of the USBC Equipment and Specifications Committee. “The research presented revealed the impact technology has made on the sport’s playing environment and the committee determined there was a need to enact these specifications.”

A new specification has been established for the oil absorption rate of bowling ball coverstocks, the first time such a specification has been set, and a specification to eliminate balance holes while increasing static weight allowances also has been approved.

In addition, new rules will be put into place to allow only a dry towel to be used to clean bowling balls during competition and to keep bowlers from changing the static weight (i.e. drilling grip holes deeper) of bowling balls during competition.

“The diligent work of the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications team spurred discussions in several areas and the committee made decisions that are needed to protect our sport’s future,” USBC President Frank Wilkinson said. “Technology will continue to push the boundaries and we will continue to analyze every aspect to make certain we are doing what’s in the best interests of bowling and our members.”

The new oil absorption specification for bowling ball coverstocks will require that for a new ball to be approved, submitted ball samples cannot have a rate of oil absorption under 2 minutes and 15 seconds (2:15), and must adhere to the 0.6% non-conformance rate. 

The initial step on the oil absorption specification will begin Aug. 1, 2018, when bowling ball manufacturers are required to submit oil absorption data as part of the USBC bowling ball approval process. Manufacturers have been provided a standard operating procedure (SOP) to determine oil absorption rates.

The specification requiring a bowling ball’s oil absorption rate to be more than 2:15 for the ball to be approved will take effect Aug. 1, 2020. Also, any ball models tested where the average oil absorption rate is under nine minutes and 30 seconds (9:30) will require additional balls to be tested.

The specification eliminating the use of balance holes will go into effect Aug. 1, 2020. Balance holes, also known as weight holes, are meant to correct static imbalance in bowling balls, but more recently have been used to change the design intent of balls. By allowing bowling balls (for balls weighing more than 10 pounds) to have up to three ounces of static side, thumb and finger weight – which is up from one ounce – and up to three ounces of top weight, there no longer will be the need for a balance hole to correct static imbalance in the typical ball layout.

The specification increases in static weights take effect Jan. 1, 2020, which will allow bowlers the opportunity to plug balance holes prior to the elimination of balance holes starting Aug. 1, 2020.  

With the elimination of balance holes, bowlers may have up to five holes for gripping purposes and all gripping holes must be used on every delivery.

The change allowing only a dry towel to clean bowling balls during competition becomes effective Aug. 1, 2019. It eliminates the use of liquid cleaners of any kind during competition, which aligns with other changes to ensure equipment is not manipulated during competition. The change prohibiting a bowler from adjusting static weight during a competition by drilling grip holes deeper goes into effect Aug. 1, 2020.

It is important for bowlers to understand the specification for oil absorption will not eliminate any bowling balls from competition, as all current balls will be grandfathered in. Bowlers also should be aware that because the increase in static weights starts Jan. 1, 2020, they will have seven months to have any balance hole plugged so they will be in compliance when the specification eliminating balance holes starts Aug. 1, 2020.

The Equipment and Specifications Committee has delegated authority from the USBC Board to make changes to equipment specifications. The USBC Board fully supports the direction and action taken by the Equipment Specifications Committee.

USBC will conduct a media-only teleconference on Tuesday, April, 24 at 8 p.m. (Eastern) with Equipment Specifications Committee members and USBC staff. To participate in the conference call, media members can email with their name and affiliation for call-in instructions.

Visit for USBC’s research and more about the specification changes.

High Scores (4/11/2018)

Riviera Lanes

Ashley Homestore Green Bay Major

Jake Ziebarth: 701 - 299

John Schermetzler: 696

Jack Siharaj: 692

Brian Laurent: 691

John Vanlangendon: 674

Bryler Herubin: 667

Tanner Jepsen: 652

Golden Guys

Rory Johnson: 782 - 277 - 279

Ben Selner: 771

Mike Matzke: 759 - 279

Zak Francois: 741

Scott Daniels: 724

Craig Hoppe: 710

Dave Seiler: 705

Jim Steiner: 704

Keith Jahnke: 693

Joel Doell: 692

Pete Vanremortel: 690 - 277

Ed Connors: 690

Joe Felton: 679

Mike Piontek: 672

Eric Rytilahti: 672

Corby Litke: 666

Shane Doell: 662

Scott Korth: 661

Bruce Dantoin: 650

High Scores (4/10/2018)

Riviera Lanes

Tuesday Morning Seniors

Ken Englebert: 738 - 290

Wayne Englebert: 709

Felix Vanenkenvoort: 676

Riviera 973

Alex Young: 804 - 289

Troy Nockerts: 800 - 287

Ken Englebert: 792 - 290

Wally Georgia: 775

Eric Nolan: 772

Jon Koltz: 759 - 288

Wayne Teske: 751

Chris Robinson: 745 - 300

Kue Vang: 741

Lee Xiong: 735 - 285

Jack Siharaj: 728

James Feng: 727

Mike Trombley: 724

Kelly Dombroski: 722

Eric Puyleart: 718

Jeff Lee: 709

Mike Piontek: 700

John Francois: 697

Wade Bisick: 687

Jerry Melotte: 684

Tom Karman: 682

Jeff Smits: 681

Jeff Sass: 679

Rick Sass: 679

Ken Tedford: 677

Randy Jones: 677

Dennis Farmer: 673

AJ Schmid: 672

Corby Litke: 672

Bill Harris: 670

Chris Spychalla: 670

Glen Borley: 670

Dave Janssen: 669

Steve Schramm: 667

Aaron Johnson: 665

Nick Stanzione: 660 - 278

Matt Martin: 660

Jon Lundquist: 659

Tim Basten: 658

Paul Hendricks: 655

Wade Harris: 653

Erv Psenicka: 653

Drew Melotte: 652

Dan Bourassa: 652

High Scores (4/5/2018)

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

Ashwaubenon 800 League

Jeremy Hill: 740

Adam Schmit: 728

Nate Painter: 720

Matt Orvis: 694

Oral Billington: 673

Dennis Schmit: 657

Westside Businessmen

Ronald Brudnicki: 742

Todd Bolssen: 741 - 290

Todd Mielke: 732 - 300

Terry Clark: 729

Barry Roff: 720

Gerald Sinclair Jr: 717

Eric Buergi: 716 - 277

Chris Mercier: 706 - 289

Scott McKinnon: 703 - 277

Barry Peters: 698

Jake Ziebarth: 696

Chad Frappier: 691

Andrew Leitzke: 690

Lee Smith: 687

Brent Baeten: 686

Antwon Polk: 685

Patric Hogan: 684

Daniel Norton: 679

Zachary Mielke: 679

Dave LeGreve: 677

James Boucher: 676

Terry Metoxen: 676

Brian Blohowiak: 675

Andy Compton: 671

Devin Perock: 668

Antohny Olesewski: 666

Kevin Kempf: 665

Robert Demro: 663

Brian Bolssen: 657

Brett Simons: 656

David Lundy: 655

Randall Thiele: 653

Keith Nelsen: 650

Girls Nite Out

Trina VandenElzen: 592

Karla Dequaine: 579

Cindy Klimek: 576

Georgia Pacific

Jason Becher: 761 - 280

Nate Becher: 749 - 278

Kevin Olsen: 725

Shawn Krueger: 721 - 288

Matt Morgan: 709

Derric Drella: 705

Brad Skenandore: 690 - 286

Brandon Basinski: 666

Riviera Lanes

Thursday National Oldtimers

Stan Grall: 730

Earl Vandenheuvel: 707

Todd Kraynik: 699

Rick Sass: 695

Dave Barribeau: 690

Al Johnson: 681

Charlie Schoenung: 672

Steve Larsen: 665

Jerry Smet: 659

Tod Olson: 658

Thursday American Oldtimers

Tom Karmen: 670

Larry Seidl: 655

Ten High Hardball Busters

Scott Piontek: 773 - 289

Troy Nockerts: 755

Scott Huncosky: 745

William Durfey: 745 - 280

Eric Puyleart: 745

Jim Delvoye Jr: 740

Cullen Wilde: 736 - 279

John Khal: 735

Jeff Lee: 721

Dick Francini: 712

Mark DeChamps: 704

Butch Miller: 703

David Seiler: 701

Dann Horkman: 684

Scott Sidwell: 683

Tim Laning: 678

Dan Boncher: 677

Marc Jackson: 672

Chad Cardinal: 671 - 277

Andre Crawford: 667

Dale Zimmerman: 665

Ron Wilde: 663

Jeff Cayo: 663

Eric Pecard: 661

Micah Bootz: 658

Russ Dorff: 657

John Schmitz: 652

David Schlough: 290

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